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Freya's Cat Viking Necklace, Celtic Triquetra Pendant - Stainless Steel

Freya's Cat Viking Necklace, Celtic Triquetra Pendant - Stainless Steel

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Discover our enchanting "Freya's Cat Viking Necklace" – a captivating fusion of ancient Norse mythology and intricate Celtic craftsmanship. This pendant is a testament to mysticism and timeless elegance, perfect for those who appreciate the allure of the past.

Inspired by Freya, the Norse Goddess: At the heart of this pendant lies the graceful silhouette of Freya's Cat, a creature entwined with the magic of Norse mythology. This meticulously detailed stainless steel cat captures the essence of strength, wisdom, and independence, paying homage to the goddess Freya's affinity for feline companions.

Expertly Crafted: Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this pendant is made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring it stands the test of time and resists tarnishing. With dimensions of 3.4 cm x 2.6 cm, it strikes the perfect balance between being eye-catching and comfortably wearable for everyday use.

Complete with Chain: Included with the pendant is a stylish 24" (60cm) Stainless steel box-chain necklace that elevates its allure. The secure closure guarantees it stays in place, allowing you to wear it confidently throughout your day.

A Story Worth Wearing: Whether you're drawn to Norse mythology, Celtic symbolism, or simply crave a unique piece of jewelry that tells a story, the "Freya's Cat Viking Necklace" is the perfect choice. It seamlessly combines ancient legends, timeless design, and superb craftsmanship to create an exceptional accessory that will be cherished for years to come.

Your Talisman of Connection: Embrace the power and mystique of the Norse gods and make the "Freya's Cat Viking Necklace" your personal talisman. Let it symbolize your individuality and connection to the ancient world. Order now and experience the allure of this remarkable amulet for yourself.


✨made from high quality hypoallergenic 316L Stainless Steel, ensuring its longevity and resistance to tarnish

✨Lead Free & Nickel Free

✨Pendant measures approx. 3.4 cm x 2.6 cm (1.33" x 1")

✨Box-chain Necklace - 60cm (24") long; approx. 3mm thick

Elevate your style and infuse it with the magic of the past. Purchase the "Freya's Cat Viking Necklace" today and embrace a piece of jewelry that transcends time and space.

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