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Viking Raven Ring, Flying Raven Black Steel Ring

Viking Raven Ring, Flying Raven Black Steel Ring

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Discover the captivating allure of Norse mythology with our exquisite Viking Raven Ring. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this stunning ring showcases a powerful symbol from ancient Norse lore - the flying black ravens, Hugin and Munin. Embrace the rich heritage of Viking culture and mythology with this must-have piece.

Meticulously constructed from solid stainless steel with a sleek black finish, our Viking Raven Ring boasts unmatched durability and strength, ensuring it stands the test of time.

The intricate design of the raven in flight perfectly captures the essence of these legendary creatures - Odin's loyal messengers and keepers of wisdom.

Beyond being just a piece of jewelry, our Viking Raven Ring serves as a tangible connection to the fascinating world of Norse mythology. As you wear this ring, you'll carry the spirit of Hugin and Munin with you, embracing their attributes of knowledge, intuition, and the pursuit of wisdom.

Designed for both men and women, this versatile ring adds a touch of Viking charm to your personal style. Available in various sizes, you can be sure of a comfortable fit that allows you to wear it with ease and confidence. It also makes for a meaningful gift for anyone who shares your fascination with Norse mythology or appreciates unique and thought-provoking jewelry.


  • Made from high quality hypoallergenic Stainless steel in black finish
  • Raven on front: (from beak to tail) about 2.9cm (1.14")
  • Band width: (side wing) about 1.2cm (0.5")
  • Weight: approx. 11-15g
  • Lead Free & Nickel Free

    Size Chart (inner diameter in mm) approx.:

     US SIZE

    Inner diameter in mm.

    7 US

    17.32 mm

    8 US

    18.14 mm

    9 US

    18.94 mm

    10 US

    19.76 mm

    11 US

    20.57 mm

    12 US

    21.39 mm

    13 US

    22.2 mm


    Indulge in the mystique of the Viking world by adding this Hugin and Munin Raven Ring to your collection today. Experience the ancient magic and timeless allure of Norse mythology, and embrace the spirit of Odin's wise and watchful companions with this exceptional piece of Viking jewelry.

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