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Viking Cloak Pin, Hand Forged Penannular Brooch

Viking Cloak Pin, Hand Forged Penannular Brooch

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Channeling the eternal might of The Norse Wind, we embark on a forging journey through the flames, stones, and steel of ancient Norse caverns, drawing inspiration from genuine Viking artifacts unearthed in Iceland and Sweden.

Infused with the Whispers of the Gods and the resounding rhythm of ancient battle drums, we meticulously and wholeheartedly handcraft these brooches with discerning Norse and Viking enthusiasts in mind. They are the epitome of perfection for those who hold a profound passion for Viking history and make a flawless gift for yourself or a cherished loved one, carrying within them the reverberations of an epic era.

Immersed in the indomitable spirit of the Norsemen, each brooch is meticulously and passionately fashioned, captivating the hearts of Norse and Viking enthusiasts alike. Every element, from the intricate metalwork to the painstakingly etched details, has been carefully considered with the rich tapestry of Viking history woven into its very essence.


  • Brooch - approximately 6.3 cm (2.5") x 5.8 cm (2.3")
  • Pin - approximately 8.8 cm (3.5") x 1.5 cm (0.6")

For those captivated by the enchanting sagas of old, these brooches extend a compelling invitation to forge a connection with a valorous past. Each piece becomes an extraordinary talisman, bearing the weight of a thousand tales and the raw power of Viking heritage. Whether adorning your cherished cloak or gracing the attire of a kindred spirit, these brooches evoke an innate yearning for adventure and the unwavering strength to conquer any obstacle.

Step boldly into the realm of the Norse and embrace the artistry meticulously interwoven into these brooches, crafted with utmost dedication for those who yearn to bear witness to history. They serve as poignant reminders of the unyielding spirit that once permeated the Viking lands. With their timeless allure, they become an ideal gift - a cherished token of appreciation for a fellow seeker of ancient wisdom or a cherished adornment for the passionate Viking at heart.

Unleash the gateway to a bygone era, where legends seamlessly merge with reality. With our brooches, you hold in your hands a tangible link to the Viking age—a connection forged through the mists of time. Embark on a profound journey to the age of the Vikings, embracing the enduring legacy that thrives in every meticulously crafted detail.


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Cloak pin

Lovely quality item. Swift delivery.