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Viking Runes Bracelet "Gibu Auja"

Viking Runes Bracelet "Gibu Auja"

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Viking Runes Torque "Gibu Auja", Norse Bracelet with Elder Futhark Engraving

Solid Viking Bracelet with the magical formula Gibu Auja (give good luck) in Elder Futhark Runes. The inscription represents one of the oldest bind runes and it is often carved on talismanic or ritual weapons.

  • Fits to wrist from 15 cm (5.9") up to 20-21cm (8")
  • Full length: 17.5cm; Diameter: approx. 6.5cm (adjustable); Weight: approx. 32-35g
  • Made of Tibetan Silver
  • Adjustable and Unisex
  • Nickel & Lead Free


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