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Loki Pendant, Veles Slavic Viking Necklace

Loki Pendant, Veles Slavic Viking Necklace

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Veles Pendant, Viking Pendant, Slavic Necklace, Rodnovery Pagan Amulet with Engraved Volos God Symbol, Loki Charm Occult Viking Jewelry

  • Handcrafted Amulet with the Symbol of Veles (Volos) / Viking's Loki
  • Loki / Veles Symbol is engraved on front side.
  • Made of zinc alloy with silver plating
  • Braided leather cord with lobster claws clasp.
  • Lead Free & Nickel Free


The pendant measures 1.10 inch (2.8 cm) in diameter. The leather cord is black with lobster clasp - 21.5" (54 cm) long, extending to 23.5" (59 cm).

*** Veles, Volos or Lord of the Forest is the Slavic god of fields, pastures, forests or crops, cattle, animals and underworld. His animal form is a bear. He is one of the most important slavic gods, right after Perun and set in opposition to him. Believed to be related to the Indo-European deity of Mitra, as well as the Norse deity Loki.


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