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Witches Mystery Brew - Wiccan Crystal Confetti Scoop

Witches Mystery Brew - Wiccan Crystal Confetti Scoop

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Mystical Delight: Witches Mystery Brew Crystal Confetti Scoop

Unveil the secrets of the arcane with our enchanting Witches Brew Crystal Confetti Scoop – a mystery scoop of pure witchcraft wonders! Each scoop is a spellbinding blend of handpicked crystals, each carrying its own unique energy and magical properties. Immerse yourself in the mystique as you uncover an array of vibrant gems, perfect for enhancing your rituals, spellwork, or sacred space.

🌙 Key Features:

  • Mystery Unveiled: Each scoop is a surprise, adding an element of magic to your mystical journey.
  • Empower Your Craft: Infuse your spells with the energies of carefully chosen crystals.
  • Versatile Magic: Ideal for altars, crystal grids, rituals, or as a unique gift for fellow witches.

Indulge in the mystery and let the cosmic energies guide your path. Elevate your witchcraft supplies with the Witches Brew Crystal Confetti Scoop – where every crystal tells a tale of ancient wisdom and enchantment.

Unleash the magic today! 🌟

Choose the best set for You :) The crystals are various type, size and shape. The Sets I offer to You contain:

  • Small scoop - about 30g / 5-8 crystals in a velvet pouch (about 7x8cm); random color
  • Medium scoop - about 70g / 10-12 crystals in a velvet pouch (about 8.5x10cm); random color
  • Large scoop - about 150g / 15-17 crystals in an ethnic pouch bag (9.5x14cm);
  • Extra Large scoop -about 250g / 20+ crystals (big and medium size), in an ethnic pouch bag (9.5x14cm).

Please note, this product is handmade, so each product is truly slightly unique to another. The colors might slightly differ from the photo due to different display settings.


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