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Wicca Earrings - Spiral of Life, Celtic Witch Amulet

Wicca Earrings - Spiral of Life, Celtic Witch Amulet

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Spiral of Life Wicca Earrings, Celtic Witch Pagan Amulet

  • Pagan earrings, made from antique Tibetan silver and brass
  • Measurements: approx. 3,3 cm x 1,3 cm
  • Lead Free & Nickel Free
  • With silicone safety backs.

*** Spiral is a symbol, often used by Wiccans as a sign of life. The spiral represents the ever continuing cycle of life, death and rebirth. The spiraling line can been seen as the constant path of life and has been found throughout history as far back as Paleolithic times, where they were carved on tombs. Spirals can also be found in many instants in nature, for example: galaxies and sea shells. 

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