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Rose Quartz Runes Set - Viking Futhark Rune Stones for Divination & Love

Rose Quartz Runes Set - Viking Futhark Rune Stones for Divination & Love

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Rose Quartz Viking Runes Stones Set for Love & Peace - 24 FUTHARK Runes with Meanings Card and Ethnic Pouch Bag

Immerse yourself in the mystical allure of ancient Norse tradition with our handcrafted Rose Quartz Viking Futhark Runes Set. Each stone in this exclusive set echoes the wisdom of the Elder Futhark, the oldest form of runic alphabet, comprising 24 individually engraved runes plus the enigmatic Blank Rune, known as Odin's rune, inviting you to delve into the unknown.

These runes are not merely objects; they are powerful tools for meditation, divination, and a testament to the loving craftsmanship that goes into their creation. Each stone is carefully selected for its unique beauty and vibrational energy, then smoothed and polished to a gentle sheen that feels soothing to the touch. The engraving process is a sacred art, performed during a traditional blessing ritual that infuses each rune with intention and purpose.

Included with your purchase is a beautiful ethnic pouch bag, perfect for keeping your runes safe and charged, and a Runes meanings card to guide you through your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.


    • Set of all 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark + Blank Rune 
    • Crystal: Natural Rose Quartz
    • Measurements of rune stones: each stone approx. 2x1.5x0.5cm
    • Ethnic pouch bag for storage included (9.5x14cm)
    • Runes Meanings card

      This Rose Quartz Runes Set is renowned for its connection to love and the heart chakra. Known as the 'romance stone', Rose Quartz is believed to attract love, add loving energy to relationships, and offer a calming presence. It encourages the user to open their heart to the love of others and to embrace the unconditional love of the Universe.

      Whether you are a seasoned rune reader or new to the world of Norse mythology and crystals, this Rose Quartz Viking Futhark Runes Set is not just a gift—it's an experience. It's an ideal present for anyone seeking peace, love, and a deeper connection to the energies around them.

      Discover the ancient wisdom and loving energy with this exquisite Rose Quartz Runes Set, a treasure that transcends time and speaks directly to the soul.

      *** Please note that as these are natural rose quartz crystals, each set may differ slightly in color and shape, and natural imperfections may occur, adding to the unique character of your set.


      Natural Rose Quartz

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