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Celtic Dragon Necklace, Celtic Knot Silver Viking Pendant

Celtic Dragon Necklace, Celtic Knot Silver Viking Pendant

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Dragon Necklace, Celtic Knot Necklace, Viking Dragon Trinity Pendant Triquetra Viking Rune Pendant Silver Asatru Viking Jewelry
Handcrafted Celtic Knot Dragon Necklace Ancient Silver Pendant Viking Amulet

The pendant is made of antique Tibetan silver and comes on a silver chain or with an Eco-leather cord. (Vegan friendly leather).
The high resolution image in my own design is protected with a crystal clear magnifying glass dome, that beautifully enhances the amulet.
The pendant measures about 3.5cm x 2.7cm, glass approx. 2.5cm in diameter.
You can choose variations chain or eco-leather cord.
There are 2 lengths of the chain: 18" (46cm) and 24" (60cm)
The Eco-leather cord (Vegan friendly leather) is black with lobster clasp - 17.3" (44 cm) long, extending to 18.9" cm (48 cm).

Please note, that the pendant is water resistant but not waterproof. Therefore, take off your necklace when you're taking a shower or bath to avoid any direct contact with water.

The Celtic Dragon is a mythical creature. It is a symbol of fertility and power.
The Celtic knots with never-ending lines symbolize the Celts’ beliefs in eternal life and in humans’ complex relationship with the natural and the divine.
The Triquetra symbolizes the unity and trinity of soul, heart and mind. Three distinct yet interlocked levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Worn as talisman it cares for good health and gives strong protection to wearer.

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