Viking Symbols - Valknut

Valknut (Valknutr, Wotansknoten) - The Death Knot is one of the most common symbols used by Germanic pagans around the world. It represents the Nine Worlds embodied in the three realms in eternal unity expressing the evolutionary law of arising-being / becoming-passing-away to new beginning. It means “rural” in Latin and is composed of three interlinked equilateral triangles. The nine lines symbolize the nine worlds of the Norse tradition, the power of three times three. As a protector, it invokes the power of eternal unity. The Death knot is stringed together, which means that one world cannot exist without one another. There has to remain a healthy balance between good and evil at all times.
Valknut means “the knot of the slain”, "the knot of the fallen, or
 Warriors bore this knot on their chest as a tattoo, so they were the undead. The Valknut is a depiction of the nine worlds, separate yet intimately bound, and also represent the many soul-parts that make up a conscious being. All of these are knotted to each other, and have His Spirit in common.
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