Viking Symbols - Aegishjalmur / Helm of Awe

The Ægishjalmur symbol is an Icelandic Runic stave formed through the combination of several Algiz (Elhaz) runes rotated around a central point. It is the most powerful talisman for protection. It is also a symbol used to create a sense of self-awe or self motivation.
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Aegishjalmur Helm of Awe - TheNorseWind
The ægishjálmur is mentioned in Old Norse literature concerning the legendary hero Sigurðr Fáfnisbani. When Sigurðr slays the serpent named Fáfnir to gain the treasure hoard of the Niflungs (Nibelungen), one of the objects of power that he obtains is the ægishjálmur. This is not a “helmet” in the usual sense, but rather a general covering that surrounds the wearer with an overawing power to terrify and subdue any enemies. This myth is recounted in the Eddas as well as in the Völsunga Saga.
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