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Viking Leather Bracers, Black Vambraces Medieval Armor

Viking Leather Bracers, Black Vambraces Medieval Armor

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Viking Legacy: Norse Leather Bracers for the Modern Warrior

Unleash your inner Viking spirit with our Viking Leather Bracers, a dynamic duo of warrior-inspired wristbands designed for true fans of Norse mystique. Reinforce your forearms with our Vambraces. Crafted from high-quality black eco/vegan leather, these bracers not only radiate the rugged elegance of mid-century Viking style but also embody a rebellious, punk cool vibe that resonates with the modern enthusiast.

Immerse yourself in the intricate details that draw inspiration from the legendary Viking and Celtic cultures. These leather gauntlet wristbands, sold in pairs, are approximately 9.84 inches in length, boasting an arm tip width of 7.28 inches. The set includes a 54-inch long cord for a personalized fit, allowing you to embrace the authenticity of Viking accessories in a way that suits your unique style.


  • Crafted from high-quality black eco/vegan leather
  • A Ready for Battle line piece of armor
  • Customized fit with two 54" long cord for size adjustment
  • Raises your defense on the LARP battleground
  • Pair of 2 Bracers


  • approx. 9.84 inch in length
  • arm tip width is 7.28 inch
  • comes with 54" long cord for size adjustment.

    Whether you're heading to a medieval reenactment, a LARP event, or simply want to infuse your everyday wardrobe with Viking vibes, these bracers are your ticket to a journey through time. Embrace the spirit of the Norse warriors and make a bold statement with our Viking Leather Bracers – a must-have for your collection of authentic Viking gear.


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